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Tenant Tips

This page contains helpful tips and general information that every tenant should have available about renting their home and also specific information pertaining to the tenants of Brian Davis Properties LLC.  We hope you find these tips useful in your daily life, and enjoy the information provided here.  If you have suggestions regarding additional entries that you feel might be helpful, please let us know.

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Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read some of the information here.  If you do not already have Adobe Reader (you probably do), click the link to the left to download and install your free copy.

Rental Application Guidelines
We have created a document that outlines the understanding that both parties should have when a prospective tenant submits an application.  We take pride in our rental homes and we actively seek only qualified residents to reside in our homes.  Please read over the Rental Application Guidelines before turning in your application.

Rental Application Guidelines Letter

Protect Yourself and your belongings with Renters’ Insurance

If you rent your living space, it’s important for you to understand that we as property managers have insurance that covers our buildings, but our insurance does not cover your personal property.  You need to have Renters’ Insurance to protect your personal belongings; including furniture, clothing, electronics, and anything else you keep in your apartment, from loss or damage due to fire, water, or theft.  Unexpected situations can happen, and we want you and your belongings to be protected!

Renters’ Insurance is not very expensive, and for a reasonable premium, you can:

We can direct you to several insurance companies that will make it easy for you to get Renters’ Insurance.  Or you can purchase Renters’ Insurance through any insurance company that you are already familiar with.  To review a copy of our standard renters insurance letter, click the link below. Accidents can happen anytime.  Protect yourself, and your property with affordable Renters’ Insurance.

Renters’ Insurance Letter

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Report Maintenance Issues
It is commonly believed that owners do not want their tenants to contact them when they have a maintenance issue.  Many situations that occur around a living space do not require a major expense to repair, but if neglected, could become a much larger and more expensive problem.  If the issue is causing an inconvenience to you, it’s possible that the landlord would be willing to repair the item.  It is usually very important to the landlord that the home remains in good condition so that it can continue to be occupied.  Tenants need not fear retaliatory actions from Brian Davis Properties LLC.  You can easily report the problem using our Request Service page.  Usually, you’ll find that we appreciate your concern with regards to the care and maintenance of the property.

Request Service Online Form

Follow These General Guidelines
We have made available a document including the most common information concerning tenant/landlord relations.  If you would like to see a copy of the Tenant Information Guidelines, just click on the link below to print out a copy.  Please remember that these guidelines should be thoroughly read and followed throughout your tenancy and upon move-out.

Tenant Information Guidelines

Vacation Checklist
If you are traveling out of town or will be away from your home for a while, we have put together a few recommendations and some important steps to help prevent problems from occurring to your home while you are gone.  Click the link below for a list of these procedures.

Vacation Checklist Letter

Cold Weather Preparation
We’d like to share a checklist for cold weather that will help you keep your heat bills down this winter and make your home warmer and safer for you and your family.  When cold weather is coming, print out and follow this list of inside and outside procedures we have put together for you.

Cold Weather Preparation Letter

Know Your Rights
Tenants often needlessly tolerate uncomfortable situations because they are not aware of their rights.  Our organization pays attention to the ever evolving landlord/tenant laws in order to help protect our clients from liability.  If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities, click on the following link:
Landlord Tenant Law

When you’re ready to Move-out, we’ll be sad to see you go.
If the time comes that you need to vacate your rented space, the following steps should be taken:

If the time comes that you need to move out of your Brian Davis Properties managed apartment, we will be sad to see you go, however... life sometimes throws us a twist, and as has happened many times before... when you are ready to come back, please feel free to contact us.

Move Out Checklist

We place great value in our rental customers as well as our owner/clients.  We have built a great reputation which we are very proud of.  We can assist you with all your real estate rental needs.  So, please contact us, to see how we can help you achieve the comfort and satisfaction of living in a home managed by Brian Davis Properties LLC.

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